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Triang Hornby R855 LNER Flying Scotsman Loco

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Triang R253 Dock Shunter 0-4-0 Diesel Loco red 3


Body in crisp mint condition with printwork 100% and with working headlight tested and a good runner. Has had some previous operating time otherwise has the look of a mint example on the track in its original box having minor tape damage on one end flap otherwise complete and with unmarked instructions dated 1963 and service centre booklet.    

Triang Hornby R855 LNER Class A3 4-6-0 Loco 4472 Flying Scotsman

The original 1968 model in the plastic vacuum tray style packaging with the card wrap would benefit from clean as dusty in places otherwise loco is complete undamaged and a good runner with printwork 99% (bits of white lining missing from steam cylinders) with packaging including original instructions dated 1969 with a vacuum tray having no obvious damage and with plain card wrap being intact with a price marked in pencil of 109/-. When cleaned up this will be a very nice example of this classic Triang Hornby product.

Hornby Dublo 3211 BR Class A4 4-6-2 Loco 60022 Mallard

This is the later example with plated drive wheels, thin handrail and plastic coupler hook. Tender would benefit from a clean as dusty and could well have a near mint appearance once cleaned as no paint loss of note. Loco has little paint loss of note with small chips to footplate side only easily renovated. Part of nameplate lining on one side is missing and the boiler lining has small breaks in places otherwise printwork is pretty much intact in remaining areas and when operating it will be difficult to pick up any of this anyway! Box is missing inner packing pieces and instructions and lid end is missing at one end with box having an average C appearance as a result. An excellent B+ example of this late edition Mallard loco.

Hornby Dublo LMS Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2 Loco 6231


The arm on the centre drive wheel to turn the steam cylinder pressure release gear in missing on one side otherwise loco is structurally 100% in all other areas with some pitting to flat surfaces of tender top although with little in the way of paint loss totender sides and with Duchess of Atholl nameplate on one side of loco having 30% loss otherwise with remaining loco printwork intact and with paintwork in relatively good order with isolated pitting but with no real noticable paint loss. All would benefit from a gentle clean. Overall fair B- although with a better appearance than this would suggest unboxed.  

Triang Hornby R866S LNER Class B12 4-6-0 Loco 8509 with synchrosmoke

With working synchrosmoke and with Triang Hornby driver and fireman figures fitted inot the cab this loco from the late 1960's is in crisp complete near mint A- condition with printwork 100%. The vacuum formed tray does have a hole in the area where the drive wheels rest and there are no instructions. The box has tape damage to the rear and the window is loose but complete as is the box itself. A nice example of this vintage Triang Hornby loco.

Hornby Dublo 4054 BR (SR) 1st/2nd Corridor Coach

With minor under paint bubbling in the corner of one window and along the bottom edge of the bodywork on one side otherwise near mint A- appearance with no actual paint loss in box detached inner end flap at one end end and outer end flap tuck in piece also missing at the same end 

Hornby Dublo 4063 BR 2nd Class Open Corridor Coach

Two small isolated scuff marks on one side otherwise near mint A- in a mint box one packing ring only

Hornby Dublo 4210 Export BR (WR) Open Corridor Coach

Export version with screw fixed coupling hooks no real imperfections of note near mint A- in a box with the export label removed from one end with resulting damage in this area on the end flap otherwise with tghe export label present ans intact at the other

Hornby Dublo 4061 BR (WR) 2nd Class Open Corridor Coach

One or two very small marks and a scratch in the underbody plastic in the chassis otherwise near mint A- appearance in a box with graffiti on both sides otherwise would have near mint appearance

Triang Hornby R328 Car No79 Pullman Brake Coach


Crisp near mint A- with the only issue is that roof would benefit from gentle clean in mint A box

Triang R228 Anne Pullman 1st Class Coach

Crisp near mint A- roof would benefit from gentle clean in an incorrect R446 TR Baggage Car box which is mint A. Box is uncommon Triang window box and may be of more interest to the collector than the coach.  

Triang R332 GWR Clerestory Composite Coach 5017

Mint A in mint A window box

Hornby Dublo 4655 Coal Wagon with open brake gear

With some minor wear around wagon number on one side otherwise crisp near mint A- in all other respects in an incorrect but complete  4635 coal wagon box which has been corrected in ink to 4655 with some resulting graffiti on outer end flap

Hornby Dublo 32086 Low Sided Wagon with cable drums plastic wheels

Isolated paint loss to frame top otherwise in near mint A- condition in near mint A- box. Very nice example.