Hornby Dublo 3 Rail

Unless otherwise stated all Dublo locomotives offered for sale are good runners.  Boxes if included are referred to in the description and shown in the image slide show.

Hornby Dublo locos are heavy and overseas shipping surcharges may apply. They will apply to train sets (when available) so if outside the UK it would be advisable to request a shipping quote before purchasing.


Hornby Dublo LNER Class A4 4-6-2 Loco Sir Nigel Gresley

Fitted with what appears to be the the later Mallard 3 rail chassis with plated driving wheels the loco body is an early example from the late 1940's with a plain inside cab roof no EDL1 marking and in outstanding condition with maybe one or two small paint flaws only with he tender being in similar condition with one or two small paint flaws only all in mint replica boxes without paperwork overall near mint A- appearance in mint replica boxes

Hornby Dublo EDG16 LMS 0-6-2 Tank Goods Train Set

The contents are not all original with BR wagons and an LMS tank loco. The tank loco has an excellent B+ appearance with the printwork including Hornby trademark 100% and with what little black paint loss there is being easily renovated. The open wagons have a single scratch to one and paint loss to the top of one end on the other having an excellent B+ appearance and the brake van has suffered paint loss exposing bear metal under to the top of the van ends otherwise no paint less elsewhere having a good B overall appearance. The oval of track looks near mint A- with no marking of note and instructions and guarantee slip are included. The box itself, a;though having minor repairs, has a very good appearance with an unmarked picture and little evidence of wear with box overall excellent B+. Whilst not having original contents the set as it stands would make a very nice starter set overall excellent B+

Hornby Dublo EDP20 BR (WR) The Bristolian Passenger Train Set

The box lid has wear and is incomplete however the tray and contents are better condition that this would suggest with BR Castle Class 4-6-0 Loco Bristol Castle having minor paint chips to top of tender only with tender printwork 100% and the loco body having minor paint loss to footplate sides and two small areas to boiler top again with printwork and lining 100% and a good runner. The coaches have 2 small areas of paint loss each to body sides with roofs being unmarked excellent B+ appearance and the oval of track has little evidence of use and looks unmarked excellent to near mint B+/A- appearance with the set including unmarked instructions and guarantee slip. The box tray and base have some wear and the lid is missing one long side with 1 end detached  and 1 end part missing. This set will look good when running on a table top.  

Hornby Dublo LMS Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2 Loco 6231

Loco printwork 99% with small loss to 3 on one side only and bodywork has small chip to chimney and to dome with minor paint loss to boiler door front side area and to rear cab roof edge and some silver paint loss to front buffers all easily sorted otherwise main body areas and steam cylinders are 100%. Tender has vertical dent in one side otherwise would have near mint A- appearance with no paint loss and tender printwork 100%. Loco is a good runner overall excellent B+. With some minor renovation work this is going to be a fine example with the potential for a near mint appearance or better.

Hornby Dublo EDG18 BR 2-6-4 Tank Loco Goods Train Set with extra wagons and track

All in very nice condition in a good looking box so decided to sell as a good starter set rather than splitting out contents. Contents are probably in the top 5% as sets go so please don't compare this set with some of the playworn items often seen! Box lid has a single corner split otherwise has a good sharp appearance with unmarked artwork and labels. No paperwork or instructions. The 6 wagons all have an excellent to near mint look about them with isolated marking only and all bright scuff free. The track has similar near mint qualities and is bright mark free. The loco is excellent to near mint with printwork and lining 100% and any minor black paint chips are easily renovated which would give the loco an almost perfect look. All in all a very nice start for those seeking to begin their collection with a working layout and build on it from their.

Hornby Dublo BR Duchess Class 4-6-2 Loco 46232 Duchess of Montrose

A good runner in very nice condition boxed no paperwork. Tender has handrail rust which has spread to body around front handrail on one side (see images) otherwise tender has little if any paint loss in original box with price label tape damage on one long side. Loco has isolated paint loss to footplate edge and some cab roof wear otherwise printwork and lining all in excellent complete condition all in original plain blue box with inner packing pieces no paperwork with factory return labels at both ends. tender good B (because of rust paint fine) and loco excellent B+

Hornby Dublo LNER Class A4 4-6-2 Loco 7 Sir Nigel Gresley

A good runner in very nice condition with loco in a factory return box and tender unboxed. Tender has minor lining loss to lower line, small mark on one side and part of "L" on one side missing. Loco has isolated black paint loss around chimney and minor marking to steam cylinder cover on one side otherwise it has to be said that this example is one of the best unboxed examples seen in a while probably good enough for exhibition running use.

Hornby Dublo 3211 BR Class A4 4-6-2 Loco 60022 Mallard

This is the later example with plated drive wheels, thin handrail and plastic coupler hook. Tender would benefit from a clean as dusty and could well have a near mint appearance once cleaned as no paint loss of note. Loco has little paint loss of note with small chips to footplate side only easily renovated. Part of nameplate lining on one side is missing and the boiler lining has small breaks in places otherwise printwork is pretty much intact in remaining areas and when operating it will be difficult to pick up any of this anyway! Box is missing inner packing pieces and instructions and lid end is missing at one end with box having an average C appearance as a result. An excellent B+ example of this late edition Mallard loco.

Hornby Dublo BR Duchess of Montrose 4-6-2 Loco 46232

With the original mid 1950's gloss finish structurally 100% with tender having isolated lining loss otherwise little in the way of actual paint loss and with loco missing part of its name on one side having worn away through handling maybe and having pitting to smoke deflector sides and boiler top in that same area above the deflectors and with some paint loss to dome otherwise rest of loco has little paint loss in remaining areas and what there is is easily renovated. Overall good to excellent B/B+ unboxed

Hornby Dublo LMS Duchess of Atholl 4-6-2 Loco 6231


The arm on the centre drive wheel to turn the steam cylinder pressure release gear in missing on one side otherwise loco is structurally 100% in all other areas with some pitting to flat surfaces of tender top although with little in the way of paint loss to tender sides and with Duchess of Atholl nameplate on one side of loco having 30% loss otherwise with remaining loco printwork intact and with paintwork in relatively good order with isolated pitting but with no real noticeable paint loss. All would benefit from a gentle clean. Overall fair B- although with a better appearance than this would suggest unboxed.  

Hornby Dublo BR Class 20 Diesel Loco D8000

Structurally 100% the top has been painted green although the sides and cab are original. The paint has filled the gap between the handrail and the loco body. One of the BR totems has faded completely and the ramining printwork is present however faded also. Loco has had some use and would generally benefit from a clean however it is a good runner although the traction tyres are missing and would need to be replaced to improve traction. Overall fair B-