Triang and Triang Hornby locos

All locos offered here are good runners. 


Triang Hornby

Triang R152 BR Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Loco D3035 green

Sharp near mint A- appearance no cracks or splits and a good runner in original box with service scheme book no instructions with box having a small tape tear on the base on one side otherwise also having a near mint appearance.
Triang Hornby

Triang R59 BR Class 3F 2-6-2 Tank Loco

Transfers removed and doors openings enlarged and would benefit from a clean otherwise body appears complete in all other respects and loco is a good runner overall fair B-
Triang Hornby

Triang R152 BR Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter Loco D3035 green

Having a mint appearance and a good runner the instructions are incorrect Triang Hornby dated 1966 although in excellent unmarked condition and the original "green" loco box is missing all end flaps at one end. Nice loco.  
Triang Hornby

Triang Hornby R59S BR Class 3MT 2-6-2 Tank Loco 82004 with synchrosmoke

BR totems are oart worn otherwise remaining printwork is 100%. Loco has repaired cracks to footplate above steam cylinders where body has been pushed on too tight by previous owner. This is not easy to spot and does not detract from the excellent B+ overall appearance of the loco which does have working synchrosmoke and the original bottle of smoke fluid and glass filler tool is included in the original box which is the vacuum tray style with the plain card wrap without any paperwork  
Triang Hornby

Triang R52S BR Class 3F 0-6-0 Tanl Loco 47606

Whilst this example has the synchrosmoke unit the fuse is not working (fuse has been tested with crocodile clips and does not heat up) and the lead to the smoke fuse box requires resoldering. Loco has faded BR totems otherwise having an excellent undamaged B+ appearance in original complete box having minor tape damage at one end and without any paperwork.
Triang Hornby

Triang R355B Industrial 0-4-0 Loco 7 Nellie in blue

This early 1960's example is undamaged and a good runner having minor lining wear and with the original nameplates having faded probably from handling overall excellent B+ in a near mint A- original box without paperwork
Triang Hornby

Triang Hornby R355R Industrial 0-4-0 Tank Loco Polly red 9

Replica nameplates fitted otherwise loco printwork is 100% and bodywork complete and crisp in excellent to near mint B+/A-  condition and a good runner. A good looking unboxed example.