Triang and Triang Hornby locos

All locos offered here are good runners. 



Triang RPA Clockwork Train Set

A relatively rare train set. Includes R255 TR black and green saddle tank clockwork loco (one missing buffer and damage to buffer beam below cab) and R4040 key tested and fully working, circle of R193 Series 3 track, 2x R230 maroon Primary coaches, correct instructions dated 03 59 and service scheme book. Box lid has taped repaired corners otherwise tray and inner packing pieces look OK. An interesting vintage Triang clockwork starter train set from the late 1950's.
Triang Hornby

Triang Hornby R59S BR Class 3MT 2-6-2 Tank Loco 82004 with synchrosmoke

BR totems are part worn otherwise remaining printwork is 100%. Loco has repaired cracks to footplate above steam cylinders where body has been pushed on too tight by previous owner. This is not easy to spot and does not detract from the excellent B+ overall appearance of the loco which does have working synchrosmoke and the original bottle of smoke fluid and glass filler tool is included in the original box which is the vacuum tray style with the plain card wrap without any paperwork