Hornby Dublo 2 rail only


Hornby Dublo 2 Rail Buffer Stop

Tarnish to buffer heads easily cleaned off otherwise undamaged excellent B+

Hornby Dublo 2451 Illuminated Buffer Stop 1Nr with 2Nr boxes and an instruction sheet

Near mint illuminated buffer stop with black buffer heads having mint appearance when fitted tested and workd fine with 2 near mint boxes (1 missing inner seperation piece) and with a single instruction sheet.

Hornby Dublo 2460 Level Crossing

Complete undamaged would  benefit from gentle clean excellent B+ in excellent B+ box having small fishplate puncture hole in one end only

Hornby Dublo 2460 2 Rail Level Crossing

Some pitting to the metal on the underside otherwise having a near mint A- appearance in a near mint to mint A-/A box date stamped 10 61 complete with the not often seen original packing piece.

Hornby Dublo 2 rail power clip

In near mint A- condition

Hornby Dublo 2 rail power clip with instructions

In near mint condition A-